From a far away distant place, various rays of light shine through

Welcome to Paradox Effect, the TFL approved fanlisting for the video game Final Fantasy XIII-2 by the company Square Enix. The sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, this game offers many features that many fans had asked for. It is also, while it has it's dramatic moments, a lot more lighthearted than the first. If you are a fan of this amazing game, please join the fanlisting! :)
This fanlisting was last updated on October 17th 2019 with a total member count of 24(+0 pending) from 10 countries. Welcome Lene to the list! Listing powered by Enthusiast.
The current layout features Noel Kreiss and Lightning Farron, drawn by a guest artist officially for the game. I loved the art and the colors were amazing, so I didn't want to add too much to the image or change the colors any. Simplicity is what I was going for, and this is what turned out :) Resources are from urbanstrokes@lj, FEEL, and Nienke Resources.

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